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Updates & News

The Great Lakes State

I know it's been a long time since any updates to this website (almost 1 year). Both of the site's authors had been busy--neither even living in the Eastern US, actually. And though I reside in Seattle, I still plan to update the website now that I am more settled. I started this today by adding Michigan's database, complete with 202 waterfalls (the first state database here with >200 waterfalls). Now that our lives are more settled, I know that both Scott & I do plan to resume updating this page. Thank you all for your information when you do share, and keep it coming!

Posted: 2013-01-06 Doug McMillen

Updates & News

Mid-Atlantic Updates

Recently I've added a lot of waterfalls, updating the mid-Atlantic states. I added Pennsylvania's database, complete with 192 waterfalls, especially in the Neverending Mountains section, including Ricketts Glen State Park (with 22 waterfalls!). I also updated West Virginia's database, adding a ton of new photos I took as well as from WV waterfall enthusiasts. Included in those contributing are Randall Sanger and Ed Rehbein, whose waterfall book about the New River Gorge is really awesome, and you should pick up if you love watefalls! Check them out and let me know what you think, and about any other known waterfalls in either state.

Also of note, last month I updated the Kentucky page, increasing its count to 49 falls, with the great help of Bill Fultz.

Posted: 2012-03-11 Doug McMillen

Falling for the Badger State's North Woods

In continuing the recent updates, I just uploaded Wisconsin's database, complete with 67 waterfalls, mostly in the northern part of the state. There are some great State Parks on the Lake Superior shore, including 165 ft Big Manitou Falls. Check it out and let me know what you think, and about any other known waterfalls in Wisconsin.

Posted: 2011-09-22 Doug McMillen

Starting Many Database Updates

I've been working behind the scenes recently, and will be gradually updating this site in a major way. First, we're changing the current databases to use the simpler format we debuted earlier this year with Georgia's database. I have today updated the Indiana, Maryland, and New Jersey databases in this way (as well as a few photos in Indiana and Maryland). I also added the link to the Vermont database, which I made late last year but didn't post here.

Lastly, I added pages for many states that we're going to be gradually adding to the database in the next few months, primarily in the northeast and the midwest. I'm working on Wisconsin's currently, for example, and that will likely be the next to be posted. But keep looking, since more databases will be added soon!

Posted: 2011-09-20 Doug McMillen

Georgia Updates

Lately Doug and myself have been investigating new falls we are coming across. We have found a couple of really nice blogs that have given light to new waterfalls in the Immediate Atlanta Metro area (see links page for more about these). Also, a new book is out which we both recommend called "Waterfall Hikes of North Georgia". The book is cheap so pick it up. The book reveals several new waterfalls neither of us knew about. If you haven't done so join the forum and add posts about recent visits to waterfalls in your area and let us know about conditions. Having the forum is a great way to share information. Spring is in full effect, so get out there and do some waterfalling.

Posted: 2011-04-11 Scott Moore

Starting 2011

We are starting to work on the database for the 2011 season, first updating the Georgia page. In the near future, look for new states to be added (Vermont, New Hampshire, etc) and updates to current states. This is also the first state with our new (even newer) format, which is simpler, with a small photo, a description of its height, and simply a link or statement for directions to the waterfall. Let us know what you think!

Posted: 2011-03-06 Doug McMillen

Eastern Waterfall Forums

Due to popular demand... well, ok, I lie, but we thougth it would be an interesting idea. So, if you have anything to add or questions about anything dealing with waterfalls east of the Mississippi Check out the Forums (notice new link at the top right?) and hopefully it will generate some lively conversation and provide yet another avenue for further information to exploring that next waterfall adventure.

Posted: 2010-04-22 Scott Moore

Introducing Florida's only waterfall (we know of so far)

I had the pleasure, or opportunity, to visit briefly this odd phenomenom of a waterfall in the panhandle of Florida. Falling Water State Park boasts Florida's highest waterfall (which leads us to believe there are others). Well, for fun I have post a page and kmz for this 73 foot waterfall that flows into a famous Florida sink hole. check out the page here .

Posted: 2010-04-15 Scott Moore

Updating Georgia

Over the last week, I've updated the KMZ for Georgia. The update includes changing all of north Georgia falls to the new information bubble format, adding new falls and photos of many more than before. So check it out!

Posted: 2010-04-14 Doug McMillen

Maryland and New Jersey Waterfalls?

Over the last few weeks, I've created KMZs and pages for Maryland and New Jersey. Though neither state has a ton of waterfalls, both have a handful of nice falls, including some of the most famous on the east coast of the US, including Great Falls of the Potomac (MD) and Great Falls of the Passaic (NJ). They also both have some beautiful lesser-known falls worth exploring. So if you're in the area, what are you waiting for? Check them out!

(Please also note these are also among the first pages that we have completed with the new information bubble Scott designed. Let us know if you like it and how to improve it!)

Posted: 2010-03-14 Doug McMillen

Virginia is for Waterfall Lovers

Over the last month, I've created a KMZ and page for Virginia. Virginia has a lot of waterfalls, and Kevin Adams' book was incredibly helpful in creating this map. I will add soon the state links, but I wanted to get the page up and posted. Shenandoah National Park has a number of known falls, and Virginia also has a fall famous for being one of many falls considered by locals as the highest east of Mississippi (Crabtree Falls). It also has other beautiful and famous falls, like Falling Spring Falls and the simply named (but stunning) Cascades. Check out the page with its over 100 falls!

(Please also note this is the first of the pages that we have completed with the new information bubble Scott designed. Let us know if you like it and how to improve it!)

Posted: 2010-02-24 Doug McMillen

My Old Kentucky Home...

Over the last week, I've created a KMZ and page for Kentucky. Kentucky doesn't have as many publically known and published waterfalls, either due to topography, or not shared with the public by locals. However, the largest (by volume) waterfall of the south--Cumberland Falls-- is in a state park in Kentucky. Other falls I've seen photos of also look beautiful, and definitely look worth visiting. Check it out, and email me if you have more information about Kentucky waterfalls!

Posted: 2010-01-24 Doug McMillen

Maps & KMZ updates

Over the Last week Doug and myself have been working on updating and adding new content to our database. This is an ongoing process and there are times we may not even announce a specific update here, but below each state's map you will see the latest date that that specific KMZ file was updated.

Some of the recent big updates are a new West Virginia map created with our first pass at the waterfalls in this state. You will also find a KMZ file you can download as well. On the Tennessee page we have created a Google Map for the waterfalls of Tennessee based off of the shared KMZ file from the landforms website (note we haven't created any content her but are pointing you to where you can access this data and are just sharing that with you... it is a very comprehensive site already).

Ohio has been updated and all of the waterfalls we know of, at this point have been added. If anyone who comes across our website knows of falls not showing up in our database, let us know.

Finally the North Carolina KMZ file has been updated with most of the falls we know of in the Gorges State Park area and various other falls around the state. We have some more falls to be added that fall east of Asheville, but (for the most part) the state is pretty well covered. (Note: we have had some issues with this KMZ file and this is the second time we have added some of these placemarks).

Thanks for stopping by, and if you know of any falls we have missing or want to contribute, just shoot us an email. Thanks...

Posted: 2010-01-18 Scott Moore

Welcome... to the Eastern Waterfall Database. This will be the place for a comprehensive and collective effort to record and provide information for waterfalls anywhere east of the Mississippi. This effort was started by Scott Moore aka wizum and Doug McMillen in 2009 in an effort to collect information on waterfalls that we wanted to visit and photograph.

 While deciding on how to collect and store our information we decided using Google Earth's Placemarks (KMZ's or KML's) provided the best option for keeping track of information on falls and also provided GPS cordinates and a visual referrence to them.

If you want to learn more about what this effort is about and how possibly you can contribute and be apart of this collecitve effort check out the "About" section to read more.  Happy waterfalling...

Posted: 2010-01-08 Scott Moore




KMZ Icon Legend

Blue: Confirmed location and visual proof of waterfall.

Yellow: Known location uncertain. Fairly certain fall exists, but further information needed to confirm.

Red: Rumored waterfall. Need more information.

Inside the KMZ's...

Here is how it works: Each link is a KMZ file for each individual State. Each State will have subfolders in the KMZ file for individual counties or specific areas (Like a designated national forest or park). All of the Placemarks (KMZ's) of the individual waterfalls will be in these subfolders.

Don't have Google Earth? What are you waiting for?


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